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Our Logo

Bee & Flower

  • Our ‘Bee & Flower’ logo shows the symbiotic relationship that the humanity have on the globe, that the businesses have on the community, and that we have towards our clients.

  • While the flower is the overarching element in survival, bees also play an important role adding value to the order of things. We believe that, while bees can sustain without flower, globe can sustain without humanity, community can sustain without businesses, and clients can sustain without us, there is a clear value add present to the latter in each case through pollination, biodiversity preservation, generation of wealth, and transfer of best practices, respectively.

  • Our logo reflects our approach towards sustainability. We believe that the sum total of the impacts of an organization’s actions must add value to the rest of the world. Our mission is to ensure that the corporate organizations, one of the largest stakeholders for sustainability, has the tools to act responsibly and sustain for a long term.

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