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Digital Services

To make the transition to a sustainable economy more effective, we assist organizations through our digital solutions. Learn how we can help you attain your sustainability goals through technology.

Digital is sustainable.

From a hunter gatherer economy, we moved to agrarian economy and then further to the industrial economy. Digital economy is undeniable and here to stay.

To help organizations transition to sustainability more effectively, we are offering digital and innovative solutions that can withstand the test of time. As the cost of data processing has hit new lows, and newer innovations are on the way, data analysis and subsequent decision making becomes more economical and effective.

Following are some ways we leverage our knowledge on sustainability and analytics capabilities to help our clients improve performance across their supply chain.

  • Sustainability data management dashboard

  • Stakeholder engagement Materiality assessment digital solutions

  • e-modules on safety related topics

  • Climate risk assessment tool

  • Carbon and Energy data calculator

  • Impact measurement tool

  • Compliance Management


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Guidance for the revised FY24 BRSR format

Guidance on FY24 format for the companies that reported BRSR in FY23. Understand the changes for the year and how to arrive at the new data.

Image by David Rangel
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