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Reporting & Disclosure

Reporting comes as the first and last step in sustainability; understand the current situation and disclose the performance to stakeholders. We have the expertise to prepare reports catering to the requirements of your stakeholders, whether it is Business Responsibility Report for regulators, Integrated report for investor, SDG report for community, or life cycle assessment report for suppliers.

We offer following services to for understanding your organization's current progress on sustainability and for disclosing your sustainability performance to your stakeholders.

  • Business Responsibility & Sustainability Report

  • Integrated Reports following IIRC Guidelines

  • Sustainability Reports following GRI or SDG frameworks

  • Climate change disclosures such CDP, CAP 2.0, etc.

  • Sustainability disclosure through DJSI

  • Preparation of MIS for communications to particular stakeholder groups or the board

  • Training of employees &stakeholders

  • TCFD reporting

  • Sustainability Data Management System

  • Carbon Footprinting and LCA Report

  • Water Footprinting Report


सुर्खियों में

Guidance for the revised FY24 BRSR format

Guidance on FY24 format for the companies that reported BRSR in FY23. Understand the changes for the year and how to arrive at the new data.

Image by David Rangel
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