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Sustainable Supply chain

Managing supply chain sustainability is important to organizations for multiple reasons. Social risks from unsustainable labor practices might impact the reputation and shareholder value of the company. It is also the key to achieving net zero goal as supply chain is responsible for bulk of the emissions in the form of scope 3 emissions. Learn how we can help you ,make your supply chain sustainable.

Stakeholders are expecting the organizations to go beyond their fence when it comes to sustainability. To extend the practices and targets for net-zero and sustainable operations, we offer following services to our clients.

  • Supply chain mapping and risk assessment including CAHRAs

  • Scope 3 emission calculation

  • Forest risk assessment and mitigation strategies in the supply chain

  • Supply chain due diligence including Conflict minerals

  • Impact of COVID19 on the supply chain

  • Circular economy mapping and advisory

  • Implementation of ISO 20400 - Sustainable procurement management system

  • Supply chain policies and contracts including UK PPN on Social Value

  • ISO 26000 – Social Responsibility guidance

  • Stakeholder engagement process including grievance mechanism

  • Training, development and capacity building of employees and suppliers


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Guidance for the revised FY24 BRSR format

Guidance on FY24 format for the companies that reported BRSR in FY23. Understand the changes for the year and how to arrive at the new data.

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