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COVID-19 & Health

COVID19 has changed the way we operate, both personally and professionally which has brought few challenges and opportunities for the businesses. Learn how you can benefit from the changes and manage its impacts on the operations and supply chain.

COVID19 is one of the biggest agents of change in the humankind and on the climate change. This has brought forth new ways of working, new supply chain & procurement challenges, operation related challenges, and new market opportunities. To manage the risks and opportunities with respect to COVID19 and to ensure that the operation is conducive to good health and well-being of the employees and other stakeholders, we offer the following services.

  • Management of impact of COVID-19 on the supply chain

  • COVID-19 safety at plants

  • COVID-19 office guidelines

  • Mental Health & Well-being of employees

  • ISO 45001 (Health & Safety management system) implementation


In the Spotlight

Guidance for the revised FY24 BRSR format

Guidance on FY24 format for the companies that reported BRSR in FY23. Understand the changes for the year and how to arrive at the new data.

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