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Sustainability strategy & Integration

To sustain your organization's growth and performance through changing external environment and stakeholder expectations, We provide services that capture material issues of your company and to imbibe them in the long-term strategy.

We offer following services to our clients for imbibing sustainability into their strategy and further into their operations

  • Stakeholder Engagement & Materiality Assessment

  • Assessment of risks and opportunities

  • ESG Gap Assessment and Recommendations

  • ESG policy development and review

  • Imbibe sustainability in strategy

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • Setting sustainability related targets and goals

  • Preparation of Sustainability roadmap

  • Due Diligence of ESG Data Points

  • Training and capacity building of senior management on ESG

  • Forestry reclamation & Ecosystem restoration

  • Resettlement & Rehabilitation


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Guidance for the revised FY24 BRSR format

Guidance on FY24 format for the companies that reported BRSR in FY23. Understand the changes for the year and how to arrive at the new data.

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